Urban Decay's Setting Spray GAVE ME A MASSIVE RASH


I'm hugely disappointed to this product. Urban Decay's Setting Spray is highly popular product and I have used it for a bit. However this time it triggered an allergic reaction. I have always felt slight burning sensation while using this product. I have always ignored it but I really shouldn't. Here is a reason why (NOTE: some of these pictures might discuss someone):

 I haven't had even a pimple in two years!!! My skin has never had an acne or anything like this. The allergic reaction started all suddenly. First I thought it was some food like broccoli because I have a change on my diet. However I tried eating broccoli again but it didn't give me this reaction.

I was looking my snapchat story trying to see when this started. Then I noticed how much I sprayed this setting spray around my jaw. Sometimes my jaw got itchy after this product. I might had an bacteria hiding on my face and someday it would be triggered. Now it did.

Later this evening my skin actually got red and more spots all over my face new my eyes and it started to spread to my neck and forehead.

Okay two days has passed and I have just a tiny bit of these spots on my jawline anymore. I'm 90% sure that this triggered the allergy because I haven't been using this setting spray for a while. My skin is sensitive on my face! If you have a sensitive skin then do not absolutely get this ever. I don't recommend it if you feel even a little bit of burning sensation while using this product.

Just in case I did clean my brushes but it was two weeks ago when I last time washed them so those are not under my suspect. I will keep you updated if this comes back after some food. But now I am pretty damn sure that this setting spray is QUILTY!


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